Double roller press granulator sent to Paraguay
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Double roller press granulator sent to Paraguay


 Double roller press granulator sent to Paragua

On May 30th, we sent 7 pieces double roller granulator to Paraguay. Due to the epidemic, the customer could not visit our factory directly, so he entrusted his agent to visit our factory. After fierce competition with our peers and comparisons with customers in all aspects, we finally chose to place the order to our factory.

The tumbling granulation series belongs slidably pressed, its working principle is: by a motor driven belt and pulley, the drive gear to the drive shaft, for the same work by the open passive gears and gear. Material was added from the hopper, the squeeze roller, threshing, pelletized, conveyed to the crushing chamber through a pair of chain sieve, sieved here finished granules (ball), and then the material back and made new materials mixed with grain. With the continuous rotation of the motor and materials continue to enter, you can achieve mass production. Temperature of the roller sheet is about 30-40 degrees, so do not need dryer machine. Double roller press granulator can be only used or used in the whole production line.

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