organic fertilizer production line to Czech Republic
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Organic fertilizer production line to Czech Republic


 Organic fertilizer production line to Czech Republic

Last Friday, we shipped an organic fertilizer production line to Czech Republic. This is the first time that this customer has cooperated with us. He has a cattle farm. In order to make full use of the cow dung, he wants to build an organic fertilizer production line. The customer also discussed some technical issues and installation through online meetings. We prepared the production line flow chart and follow-up installation drawings for the customer. The customer thought that our service was very good and placed an order with us.

What are the advantages of producing organic fertilizer from cow dung?

Dry cow manure contains crude protein 10%-20%, crude fat 1%-3%, nitrogen-free extract 20%-30%, crude fiber 15%-30%, so it has high nutrients. Organic fertilizer produced by fermentation of dried cow dung. It can fluff the soil, improve soil compaction, chelate trace elements in the soil, and improve soil fertility.
Using cow dung as raw material to produce organic fertilizer has low cost, relatively stable quality, and a large market for sales. However, the traditional method of retting not only has a slow fermentation speed, but also cannot fully decompose the cow dung. It is prone to "secondary fermentation" after being applied to the farmland, causing the phenomenon of burning roots and seedlings. Therefore, the cow dung needs to be added with the RW decay promoter type cow dung starter during fermentation. The fermentation speed is fast. Generally, the deodorization, fermentation maturity, and insecticidal sterilization process of cow dung can be completed in 3 to 7 days. The fermented organic fertilizer has good fertilizer efficiency, is safe and convenient to use, does not cause root burning and seedling burning, and can also improve soil fertility and improve fertilizer utilization.

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