The crawler turning machine was shipped to Nanyang
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The crawler turning machine was shipped to Nanyang


 The crawler turning machine was shipped to Nanyang

Last week, our factory sent two track turning machines to Nanyang, Henan. This customer is a customer that our company has been cooperating with. He bought a powdered organic fertilizer production line from our company before, and also bought some mechanical parts from our company one after another. Later, due to site restrictions and capacity expansion, the previous method of stacking and fermentation was no longer suitable, so I wanted to buy a turning and throwing machine to increase the fermentation speed, thereby expanding production capacity. In continuous communication with customers, we actively understand the needs of customers, recommend crawler-type flippers to customers, and provide customers with videos and preferential prices. After seeing the machine, the customer was very satisfied. He placed an order quickly and asked us to deliver the goods quickly. After we received the payment, we immediately arranged the delivery to the customer. After the customer received the machine, he was very satisfied and gave us feedback about the working video of the machine. If you are also interested in our machine, please contact us and we will send you the working video of the machine.

  The crawler pusher is mainly driven by the crawler, picking up materials (rocks, etc.) and sending it to its own scraper conveyor. The conveyor unloads the materials from the tail into the dump truck or shuttle car and other transportation tools. At the same time, it can use a backhoe The excavating arm picks up materials from far away, cleans the working surface, and can quickly complete the work of risk removal and trenching.

The turning machine is a kind of mechanical equipment developed and produced based on dynamic composting. During use, it can supply oxygen and material shape in the fermentation compost. Agricultural farm manure turning machine, organic fertilizer fermentation turning machine, crawler self-propelled rake turning machine, the turning machine has the functions of turning and crushing, suitable for soil and fermented cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens and other livestock and poultry fresh manure and The production process of sewage sludge and urban life fertilizer requires that livestock and poultry manure, sludge, microbial preparations, and straw powder can be mixed well. Suitable environment for material fermentation. It can achieve the effect of warming up, deodorizing throughout the day, starting to be dry in two or three days, and becoming fat in seven to fifteen days.

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