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    The design of disc granulator is convenient for intermittent continuous production, which greatly reduces the labor intensity and improves labor efficiency.

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    ■   Applications and Features

      • Frame part: As the whole body part of the transmission and the rotating part of the work supporting by rack, with strength force, so the machine frame parts are welding with excellent carbon channel, and adopted a rigorous quality certification and specific Of the technical requirements, has reached the purpose of the machine used.

      • Adjustment part: the most important part of whole machine is granulation disk, and the gravity center of granulation disk is installed on adjust part, our company specializes in the use of excellent welding carbon steel plate and channel steel, and adopted a strict quality standards Certification, have reached the requirements of the machine used.

      • Transmission parts: the entire machine drive part is important, the overall work depend on it. The motor installed on transmission rack and reducer are with ISO / 9001 quality products, with reliable quality. The motor drive Pulley, V-belt, Reducer and pinion, the small gear transmission large gear and drive the granulation plate work. The gears are used high-frequency fire, with twice service life than old type. The granulation plate is fixed on the driving shaft , the connecting part of the stigma adopts the taper fitting, the design is more reasonable;

      • Granulation part: This machine granulator disk angle with the overall arc design, granulation rate can reach more than 90%, granulation disk bottom also uses a number of radiation steel to strengthen, durable, never deformation;

      • Automatic cleaning part: This part is installed on the top of the granulator, into frame shape, with automatic clear plate, in order to clear the material attached to the machine when production, highly improving the service life of the machine, Saving the labor force.
        The series of disc granulator has a variety of models, according to the user’s different capacity, also accept custom.

    ■   Main Technical Parameters

    Model Inner diameter(mm) Side height(mm) Volume(m³) Rotation speed (r/min) Motor power(KW) Prod capacity(T/h) Decele rators model
    ZL10 1000 250 0.4 24 2.2 0.3-0.5 XW5-59
    ZL15 1500 300 1.1 22 5.5 0.5-0.8 ZQ250-48
    ZL18 1800 300 1.4 18 5.5 0.6-1.0 ZQ250-48
    ZL20 2000 350 1.8 18 7.5 0.8-1.2 ZQ250-48
    ZL25 2500 350 2.5 18 7.5 1.0-1.5 ZQ400-23
    ZL28 2800 400 3.3 18 11 1.0-2.5 ZQ400-48
    ZL30 3000 450 3.9 16 11 2.0-3.0 ZQ350-23
    ZL32 3200 500 4.3 13.6 15 2.0-3.5 ZQ350-23
    ZL36 3600 550 5.5 11.3 18.5 3.0-5.0 ZQ400-23
    ZL45 4500 600 6.5 8 22 4.0-6.0 ZQ250-48

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