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  • compound fertilizer production line
  • compound fertilizer production line
  • compound fertilizer production line
  • compound fertilizer production line
  • compound fertilizer production line

    Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd is a leading fertilizer machine factory in China. We provide the most professional fertilizer production solution, includes machines, technical service, installation guide and so on. Especially for organic fertilizer and NPK fertilizer production.

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    ■   Raw Materials and Main Equipments

      Raw Material For Compound Fertilizer Production Line

      1. Urea,ammonium sulfate,ammonium chloride,producyion.

      2. Monoammonium phosphate,diammonium phosphate,calcium superphosphate,calcium-magnesia phosphate fertilizer
      3. Potassium chloride,potassium sulphate,potassium sulphate magnesium

      Main Equipments For Compound Fertilizer Production Line


      No. Processes Machines Function of machines
      1 Batching process Automatic batching machine Ratio raw materials by formula
      2 Grinding process Grinder Grind granules to powder
      3 Mixing process Mixer Mix powder evenly, If necessary, add water, or other micro-elements
      4 Granulating process Feeding machine Feed mixed powder into granulator evenly
      Granulator Make mixed powder into fertilizer granules
      5 Drying process Dryer Dry fertilizer granules to low moisture by hot air
      Hot stove Generate hot air to dryer
      Cyclone Collect dust from dryer
      6 Cooling process Cooler Cool fertilizer granules to normal temperature
      Cyclone Collect dust from cooler
      7 Screening process Screener Screen out required size from fertilizer granules
      8 Coating process Coating machine Coat color, anti-blocking agent, microelements etc on fertilizer granules
      9 Packaging process Air compressor Generate power to packaging machine
      Packaging machine Package fertilizer granules into bags

    ■   Features and Application

    Features For Compound Fertilizer Production Line


    1. Adopts advanced rotary drum granulator, the granulation rate can reach 70%.

    2. Key parts adopt wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant materials, the equipment have long service life.

    3. Adopt plastic plate or stainless steel plate lining, materials not easy to stick on the inner wall of the machine.

    4. Stable operation, easy maintenance, high efficiency, low energy consumption.

    5. Adopt belt conveyor to connect the whole line, reliazing continuous production.

    6. Adopt two sets of dust settling chamber to deal with the tail gas, environment friendly.

    7. Two times of screening process ensure qualified granules with uniform size.

    8. Evenly mixing, drying, cooling, and coating, the finished product has superior quality.


    Application For Compound Fertilizer Production Line


    1. Rotary drum granulator line has wide adaptability to raw materials which can be urea, ammonium nitrate, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, monoammonium phosphate(MAP), diammonium phosphate(DAP), single superphosphate(SSP), potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, etc. You can choose according to market demand and soil test results.

    2. Rotary drum granulator fertilizer production line can produce compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer and organic compound fertilizer with the content of N, P, K ranging from 20-48%.

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