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  • Water soluble fertilizer production line

    The process of the water-soluble fertilizer production line is: raw material crushing/urea crushing, batching bin, screw feeder, screening machine, mixer, finished product bin, water-soluble fertilizer packaging scale, heat sealing machine or sewing machine, finished product conveying.

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    ■   Introduction and Main Equipments

       Intorduction of water soluble fertilizer production line

      The raw materials of water-soluble fertilizers are mainly powdered raw materials, which are easy to absorb moisture and easily liquefy in high temperature. Some raw materials contain a certain amount of crystal water and are easy to chemically react with other raw materials. Since most of the raw materials have poor fluidity, general fertilizer processing equipment cannot guarantee the normal production of this fertilizer. The technological process of Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery's water-soluble fertilizer production line is as short as possible to ensure the overall sealing. The whole machine is designed with no dead corners and no residual materials as far as possible to ensure smooth materials.

      Main Equipments of water soluble fertilizer production line




      Function of machines


      Grinding process

      Urea crusher

      Crushed granular urea

      Agglomeration Crusher

      Crushing agglomerated raw materials or returning large pieces


      Batching process

      Automatic batching system

      Ratio raw materials by formula


      Screening process


      Screen out required size from raw material


      Mixing process


      Mix powder evenly


      Packing process

      Air compressor

      Generate power to packaging machine

      Packaging machine

      Package fertilizer granules into bags


    ■   Application and Advantages

     Application of water soluble fertilizer production line

    The powder water-soluble fertilizer production line is suitable for large, medium and trace element water-soluble fertilizer, flushing fertilizer, foliar fertilizer; containing humic acid, amino acid, fulvic acid water-soluble fertilizer, etc.

    Advantage of water soluble fertilizer production line

    1. The system adopts computer automatic ingredients, which has a high degree of automation; it saves labor.
    2. The main body adopts three-dimensional structure closed design, quick installation connection, less material storage, no clogging, and convenient cleaning.
    3. Equipped with dust removal facilities and dust-free packaging, which meets the requirements of environmental assessment.
    4. The trace elements are pre-mixed in advance, and then mixed with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The mixing uniformity is high, the mixing time is short, and the mixing efficiency is improved.
    5. Weight-reducing computer automatic batching, high precision batching, fast speed, and low requirements for plant height.
    6. The whole set of equipment structure is designed as a three-dimensional structure, with little residual amount of intermediate equipment and high raw material utilization rate.


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