May 17, 2023

Annual output of 1-20 tons of organic fertilizer production line equipment process flow

Annual output of 1-20 tons of organic fertilizer production line equipment process flow
organic fertilizer production line

Annual output of 1-20 tons of organic fertilizer production line equipment process flow

  1. Batching section
    Store various fermentation raw materials and auxiliary materials in the material factory or material shed. During production, use forklifts to transport them to their respective quantitative feeders. Then, the fermentation bacteria are manually added into the quantitative feeders. Each quantitative feeder is configured according to the configuration. The materials are measured and continuously fed into the twin-shaft mixer. The mixed materials are evenly distributed into each fermentation tank, eventually forming a material pile with a thickness of 1.5 meters to 1.8 meters.
  1. Fermentation and turning section
    After a day of fermentation, the material has heated up and needs to be turned over, ventilated and moved. Run the compost turner to the end of the fermentation material pile and pick up the material at the bottom of the pool and throw it. The turned material falls behind it and forms again. Heap, add new fermentation materials to the empty space in front of it, so that the fermentation materials gradually move backward in the fermentation tank and cover the entire length of the fermentation tank.
  2. Powdered organic fertilizer production section
    The fermented material is sent to the forklift feeding bin with a forklift, and the material is sent to the crusher through the belt conveyor for crushing, and then sent to the screening machine to be screened to become powdered organic fertilizer.
  1. Granular organic fertilizer production section
    Equipped with 4-6 automatic batching bins, organic raw materials containing other nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are transported to the twin-shaft mixer for mixing, and then sent to the organic fertilizer combination granulator for granulation. The granules extruded from the granulator are then thrown into the Multi-stage continuous polishing is carried out in the round shaping machine, and is transported to the dryer by the belt conveyor for drying, and then cooled by the cooling machine with large air volume, and finally enters the finished product screening machine for classification and screening. The screened waste materials can be returned to the The material conveyor transports it to the return crusher for crushing and re-granulation. The finished granules are measured and packaged by a computerized quantitative packaging system for storage or loading into trucks.
  1. Affiliated environmental protection dust removal facilities
    Hot air heating equipment and drying, cooling and induced air dust removal system:
    Hot air heating equipment can use coal-fired natural gas biomass energy according to environmental protection requirements

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