June 19, 2024

Organic fertilizer powder production line process flow

Organic fertilizer powder production line

Small powdered organic fertilizer production line process: trough type turning machine (other turning machines can also be used) → horizontal mixer → semi-wet material crusher → drum screening machine → automatic packaging machine. This economical small-scale organic fertilizer processing equipment is very It is suitable for the treatment of manure in small farms by farmers. It not only solves the environmental protection problem of manure but also increases the income of the farm. The entire organic fertilizer production line only requires 2-3 people to operate. The complete set of powdered organic fertilizer equipment of Shenghong Heavy Industry takes about 4-6 people. Ten thousand yuan can meet the production needs. If the surrounding raw materials are sufficient to expand production, you can come to the factory to discuss in detail the appropriate set of equipment and technology according to the output.

Powdered organic fertilizer production line process flow:

  1. First, mix the chicken manure with an appropriate amount of straw powder. The amount of mixing depends on the moisture content of the chicken manure. Generally, fermentation requires a moisture content of 45%, that is, knead it into a ball with your hands. There will be water between your fingers, but no dripping. Let go. Disintegrates as soon as it is solved.
  2. Add the prepared mixture into the mixer and mix. The mixing must be even and thorough without leaving any lumps.
  3. The raw materials are put into the fermentation tank and fermentation strains are added. The fermentation tank is built into a long strip with a width of 2.5 meters and a height of 0.8 meters to 1 meter. It is turned with a turning machine every 2 days (the length, width and height of the fermentation tank can be determined according to the actual site. size), the main purpose of using bacterial strain fermentation here is to quickly heat up, ferment, deodorize, and kill harmful bacteria. It takes 2 days to heat up, 4 days to become odorless, 7 days to become loose, 9 days to become fragrant, and 10 days to become fertilized. Specifically, on the second day of composting, the temperature can reach 60℃-80℃ (temperature changes vary in different seasons), killing E. coli, insect eggs and other pests and diseases; on the fourth day, the smell of chicken manure is eliminated; on the seventh day, the compost becomes It must be loose and dry, covered with white mycelium; on the 9th day it will emit a aroma of distiller's yeast; on the 10th day the bacterial fertilizer will ferment and mature.
  4. Use a semi-wet material crusher for crushing.
  5. Then the impurities are screened out by the screening machine, and the powdered organic fertilizer is ready.
  6. The organic fertilizer production line can be sealed and stored by the automatic packaging machine.

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