On Monday, we sent a fertilizer coating machine to Indonesia. The customer has its own compound fertilizer production line in Indonesia. Since the previous equipment has been used for a long time and is relatively old, it needs to be replaced. After seeing our company on the website, made an inquiry about our products. After technical exchanges, the customer thinks that our company is very professional, trusts us very much, and places the order for the coating machine to us. After receiving the order, we immediately arrange factory production, and the product will be shipped to the customer immediately after production.

What are the characteristics of the coating machine?

The complete set of organic fertilizer coating machine is composed of screw conveyor, stirring tank, oil pump, main engine, etc. It uses powder or liquid coating process. It can effectively prevent the caking of organic fertilizers. The main unit is lined with polypropylene or acid-resistant stainless steel. This equipment is specially designed on the internal structure according to the process requirements, and it is an effective special equipment for organic and inorganic fertilizers. The machine has the characteristics of high ball strength, good appearance quality, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, low energy consumption, long service life, convenient operation and maintenance, etc. The granule coating machine is used together with the dry powder coating agent dusting machine and the liquid coating agent spraying system to perform anti-caking coating on the fertilizer granules.

What are the configurations of the coating machine?

Coating material melting device: suitable for continuous and rapid melting of heat-sensitive materials, controlled by a computer, it can continuously and stably provide accurate coating material fluid to the spraying system.

Coating and coating drum: The carrier flow is controlled by the computer, the preheating of the fertilizer and the spraying of the coating material are completed at one time in the drum, and the sealant, conditioner, etc. are sprayed when a coating of a certain thickness is formed to improve the performance of the product.

Cooling drum: The special design of the cooling drum greatly improves the cooling efficiency, minimizes the friction between the coated particles during the cooling process, effectively reduces the generation of dust, and improves the surface smoothness of the coated particles.