Delivery of 4 tons per hour roller extrusion granulation compound fertilizer production line equipment

Last week we sent a complete double-roller extruder compound fertilizer granulator production line equipment to Stylanka. The customer saw the double-roller granulator on our website and showed strong interest in our double-roller granulator, hoping to reach cooperation with our company. We actively arrange sales staff to get in touch with this customer, and provide timely feedback to the customer's inquiries to solve the customer's raw material problems. After a period of communication and negotiation, the customer recognized our products, believed that our service and product quality were better than other merchants producing the same products, and placed an order with us.

The roller extrusion granulator is the main equipment for compound fertilizer granulation. It has the characteristics of advanced technology, reasonable design, compact structure, novelty and practicality, and low energy consumption. Forming a small production line, equipped with corresponding equipment, can form continuous production at a constant volume and mechanized production. It adopts eugenic formula, does not require drying, and is produced at room temperature. The product is rolled and formed, and the product quality meets the technical index requirements of compound fertilizer. Used to produce high, medium and low concentration compound fertilizers for various crops. It is an ideal product for the upgrading of the compound fertilizer industry.
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