Recently, our company had the honor to participate in the agricultural technology exhibition held in Kenya. It is an important agricultural event that attracts agricultural experts, farmers and business representatives from all over the world. The purpose of our participation is to showcase our company's latest agricultural technologies and solutions to help Kenyan farmers improve productivity and agricultural product quality
At the exhibition, we displayed a series of advanced agricultural technologies and equipment, including fertilizer granulators, fertilizer granulation lines and small agricultural machinery. These technologies and equipment can help farmers improve soil fertility, crop yields and quality more efficiently. Our team of professionals educate visitors on how these technologies work and their benefits and provide hands-on demonstrations.

Our booth attracted a lot of attention and inquiries from visitors. Farmers in Kenya showed great interest in the technologies and solutions we presented and asked many questions. Our professional team patiently addresses their concerns and provides personalized advice and solutions. Many visitors expressed their appreciation for our technology and solutions and expressed their desire to establish cooperative relationships with us.
Participating in the Kenya Agricultural Technology Exhibition is an important step for our company to expand the international market. Through the exhibition, we not only showcase our technologies and solutions to Kenyan farmers, but also communicate and cooperate with other international companies and experts. This will bring more opportunities and challenges to the development of our company.
We will continue to work hard to innovate and provide more advanced technologies and solutions for global agriculture. We believe that through cooperation with Kenya and other countries, we can make greater contributions to the sustainable development of global agriculture.