On August 15th, we sent two solid-liquid separators to Thailand. This customer is our old customer and trusts us very much. He bought solid-liquid separators from our factory many times. This customer thinks that our dehydrator is of good quality and the cow dung coming out is clean, and he is full of praise for our machine.

The screw extrusion solid-liquid separator is mainly composed of a host, a non-clogging pump, pipelines and other equipment. The parts of the main engine organism, screen, extrusion screw, geared motor, and unloading device are composed. The working process is as follows: the non-clogging pump pumps the unfermented fecal water into the body. At this time, through the power transmission, the squeezing auger gradually pushes the fecal water to the front of the body, and at the same time continuously increases the pressure of the front edge to force the moisture in the material Under the action of the side pressure belt filter, the mesh screen is extruded and flows out of the drain pipe. The work of the extruder is continuous, the material is continuously pumped into the machine body, and the pressure on the front edge is constantly increasing. When it reaches a certain level, the discharge port is pushed out and the extrusion port is extruded to achieve the extrusion discharge.

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