On May 8, we sent a compound fertilizer production line to Indonesia. This is the second time the customer has made an order to us. Previously, the customer bought a pair roller granulator from our company. After the customer received the machine, the customer was first satisfied with the appearance of our machine, and then after trying the machine, he was full of praise for the granules produced by the machine. The quality of our machines is very good, and at the same time we are very satisfied with the service of our salesman, and decided to place an order for a 6-8 tons compound fertilizer production line.

The compound fertilizer counter roller production line mainly includes crushers, mixers, double roller granulators, screening machines and packaging machines. The whole production line does not need to be dried in the production process, and it is granulated at room temperature, which has the characteristics of low investment and good economic benefits. The main granulation equipment has the characteristics of anti-corrosion, wear resistance, good stability, low noise and convenient maintenance. The application range of the roller granulator is also very wide. The raw materials include fertilizer, chemical industry, coal, ceramics, etc. can be applied.

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