This week, we sent a coating machine to Mumbai, India. The customer is a middleman in India. His customer has a compound fertilizer production line. Due to the old equipment, he wants to replace a batch of equipment, but the customer has insufficient funds and wants to replace a coating machine first. Our staff first understands the customer's needs. After getting in touch with the customer, we know that the customer needs a customized coating machine, and immediately arranges the engineer to cooperate with the support salesman, give the customer drawings, and connect with the factory. In the end, the customer was very satisfied with our service and placed the order with us.

The coating machine is a kind of equipment designed to solve the problem of stacking, re-humidification and agglomeration of granular fertilizers. The compound fertilizer coating machine is composed of a stirring tank, an air compressor, a main engine, etc. It is a powder coating process or a liquid coating process. The compound coating machine adopts a special liquid raw material or a spraying process combined with solid powder, which can form a protective film on the surface of the fertilizer particles and isolate it from the outside air, thereby effectively preventing the salt bridge effect and moisture absorption on the surface of the fertilizer. At the same time, it also improves the brightness of the particle surface, and some trace elements can be appropriately added to improve the fertilizer efficiency. And can prolong the effect of fertilizer in soil, can effectively improve the use effect of compound (compound) fertilizer. The main unit is lined with polypropylene, which is anti-corrosion and durable.

Compound fertilizer coating machine and supporting equipment screw conveyor, mixing tank, main machine and other components are composed of powder dusting or liquid coating process. It can effectively prevent the agglomeration of compound fertilizers. The main unit is lined with polypropylene. This equipment is specially designed in the internal structure according to the process requirements, and it is an effective special equipment for compound fertilizer.

When the finished granules evenly flow into the rotating coating machine and keep rolling, the prepared oily mixed coating agent is sprayed on the surface of the compound fertilizer granules by means of compressed air and special nozzle. The surface of the compound fertilizer particles is coated with a uniform protective film, which effectively prevents the salting out and moisture absorption on the surface of the fertilizer.