On July 3, the company organized all employees to go to the factory to learn relevant knowledge about the granulator.
First of all, the double-roller granulator is suitable for fields such as compound fertilizers, single fertilizers and dry powders. The moisture content of the raw material feed is about 3%. A single equipment has 4 bearings, roller skins, screens, maces and gears, etc. The minimum mold particles can be about 2.5mm, and particles larger than 8mm do not need to be broken.
The working principle of the flat die granulator: the motor and reducer drive the disc to rotate, so that the disc shaft does not rotate. There is a cutter inside the machine, and the particles are cylindrical. Widely used in organic materials, waste materials and dry powder, etc.

The disc granulator is suitable for organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, single fertilizer and cat litter (1.5mm-4mm). Working principle: spray water, and the scraper on the machine prevents the material from sticking to the wall. The size of the finished particles can be adjusted according to the inclination of the disc. The finer the material, the rounder the particles will be.
The stirrer granulator contains 380 knife holders inside. The granulation is completed by high-speed beating 10 cm away from the arch. The cylinder does not rotate. The particle size is related to the moisture content of the material. The particle size that can be produced is 1mm-15mm. The combination granulator is an upgraded version of the stirrer granulator. It is internally consistent with it, but the combination granulator has a rotating cylinder and a large capacity. Suitable for dry powder, bentonite, humic acid, animal manure, domestic waste and plants.

The transfer granulator is suitable for the fields of organic fertilizer, dry powder and compound fertilizer, etc. It contains a steam pipe for adding steam. After the urea is dissolved, spray granulation can be carried out. The larger the diameter of the machine, the greater the output. The cylinder rotates during operation.
I gained a lot from this training and everyone learned new knowledge. Our company produces various agricultural machines. If you are interested in these products, you are welcome to contact us at any time. We look forward to communicating with you!