Last week we sent a mobile horizontal mixer to Côte d’Ivoire, Africa. The customer wanted a pair of roll production line, but due to insufficient funds, he bought a sample horizontal mixer.

The horizontal mixer is equipped with two-axis rotating and reversed blades. The blades circulate and stir the materials in the axial and radial directions at a certain angle, so that the materials are mixed quickly and evenly. Performance characteristics of the horizontal mixer The speed reducer drives the rotation speed of the shaft The structure with the blades will weaken the gravity of the material. With the lack of gravity, the difference in particle size and specific gravity of each material is ignored in the mixing process. The intense stirring movement shortens the mixing time, making it faster and more efficient. Even if the material has a difference in specific gravity and particle size, it can achieve a good mixing effect under the rapid and violent tumbling of the staggered mixing blades. The mixing uniformity is high, the residual amount is small, and it is suitable for mixing more than two kinds of fertilizers and additive premixes.