In June, our company reached a cooperation with a Canadian company and sent 4 pairs of roller granulator production lines to Canada.

This set of production line takes the twin-roll granulator as the main machine, which is formed at one time, with small investment and good economic benefits. Our company has updated the machine on the basis of the first generation. It adopts a hard-tooth surface reducer, which has a compact structure and good sealing performance, which greatly reduces the noise. At the same time, we lead the oil injection hole of the machine to the outside of the machine, so that the customer does not need to disassemble it when filling the oil, and at the same time, the maintenance is more convenient. The roller extrusion compound fertilizer production line granulator does not need to be dried, and is produced at room temperature. The product is rolled and formed at one time, so that the product quality meets the requirements of the compound fertilizer technical index, and is used for the production of high, medium and low concentration compound fertilizers of various crops.

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