In late January, we shipped an organic fertilizer production line to Vietnam. This is the first time that this customer has cooperated with our company. He was a well-known fertilizer distributor in the Philippines before, and has sold fertilizers in the Philippines for more than 10 years. He is very optimistic about the prospects of the fertilizer industry. After the customer searched for our machine on Google, he negotiated with our salesman, and then placed an order for our company.

The new organic fertilizer wet granulator utilizes the mechanical stirring force of high-speed rotation and the resulting aerodynamic force to continuously realize the process of mixing, granulating, spheroidizing, and densifying the fine powder in the machine, so as to achieve granulation. Purpose. This granulation method makes the granulation rate higher, the granules are more beautiful, and at the same time saves energy and saves energy. It is generally required that the particle size of the material before granulation should be less than 200 mesh. Typical application materials: chicken manure, pig manure, cow manure, carbon black, clay, kaolin, etc.

 For organic fertilizer raw materials, livestock and poultry manure, compost fertilizer, green manure, sea fertilizer, cake fertilizer, peat, soil fertilizer, three wastes, microorganisms and other municipal solid waste organic fermented fertilizer granulation specificity , the particles are spherulites. The machine is suitable for a variety of different formulations. The compressive strength of organic fertilizer is higher than that of discs and drums, and the percentage of large balls is lower than 15%. The uniformity of particle size can be adjusted according to user requirements through the stepless speed regulation function of the machine. This machine is suitable for direct granulation of organic fertilizer after fermentation, which saves the drying process and greatly reduces the manufacturing cost. Now this new type of organic fertilizer wet granulator is loved by the majority of users. Our company's wet organic fertilizer granulator is in short supply. The birth of new products, new production processes, energy saving and environmental protection are trustworthy!