BB Fertilizer Mixer

【Introduction】BB fertilizer mixer, also known as blending fertilizer mixer, is to blend elemental fertilizer (or polyfertilizer) according to a certain proportion.

Applications and Functions

The characteristic of the BB fertilizer mixer is that the ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and trace elements is easy to adjust, and various specifications of special fertilizers can be produced according to the needs of users, which is more suitable for the needs of soil testing and formula fertilization.

Features and Advantages

  • 01. BB fertilizer mixer equipment covers a small area (25~ 50 square meters), low power consumption (the power of the whole equipment is less than 10 kW/h);
  • 02. The machine of BB fertilizer mixer is manufactured with industrial-grade stainless steel and the control system is made of high-performance industrial computers, which can be suitable for various harsh field environments;
  • 03. The use of two-stage shock-proof processing, multistage filtering technology, accurate measurement, and high precision;
  • 04. Automatic control of high-speed 485 or 232 communication interfaces, the formula can be adjusted at any time enterprises can change the production formula according to the different requirements of fertilizer sales;
  • 05. Automatic mixing packaging, blending evenly, packaging compact, there is no separation of materials in the packaging process, mixing range 10-60kg arbitrary adjustment, to overcome the segregation of large ingredients in the production and packaging process, and must add a percentage of content to save cost consumption;
  • 06. The actuator adopts pneumatic drive, size two-stage feeding, independent measurement and cumulative measurement of various materials, and fast production speed;
  • 07. The control system has automatic zero tracking automatic tare weight, gross measurement and drop automatic compensation, and automatic measurement of overimpulse correction fault alarm.

Technical parameters

ModelCapacity (T)Power (KW)Mixing capacity (kg/batch)

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