Shenghong provides 2 types of fermenters, they are horizontal fermenters and vertical fermenters, both of which have good performance.

Horizontal Fermenter Use

The horizontal fermenter is suitable for the treatment of different feces, carcasses, kitchen waste, domestic sewage, and silt. As long as the moisture of organic waste is below 70%, without adding any auxiliary materials, it can be directly put into the tank. The equipment can be used in different regions of high humidity and high cold, and the vertical closed tank structure is selected to reduce the installation area. The equipment uses the principle of aerobic microbial fermentation so that the microorganisms use the organic matter and residual protein in the feces and carcasses of livestock and poultry to rapidly multiply in a certain temperature, humidity, and sufficient oxygen environment, and then realize the harmless treatment of livestock and poultry waste.

Vertical Fermenter Features and Advantages

  • 01. The equipment is small in size, can be installed outdoors, and does not need the plant, because the fermenter adopts a vertical fully closed tank, the unit area can carry more fermentation raw materials, so the floor area is smaller, and the full closed tank does not need the plant to shelter from wind and rain, can be directly operated outdoors, reducing the land use area and civil construction costs of the factory construction.
  • 02. It will not cause secondary pollution to the surrounding environment, the traditional tank fermentation will inevitably have odor, and stink water, if not configured with other treatment equipment, it will cause secondary pollution to the surrounding environment, and the odor in the production workshop is very large, and will have a certain impact on the worker's body. Fermenter adopts a completely closed tank equipped with a biological deodorization tower and condensation system, the odor and odor water in the fermentation process will be treated and then discharged, and the whole fermentation process is odorless and pollution-free.
  • 03. the insulation effect is good, can be normal fermentation all year round, trough fermentation because it is open fermentation, is greatly affected by the external environment, if it is in the north, when the temperature drops in autumn and winter, the fermentation speed will decrease significantly, if not insulation measures, the fermentation process will even stop. The fermenter uses a double-layer tank, with insulation materials inside, the environment inside and outside the tank is almost completely isolated, and the tank is equipped with heat circulation and a hot air system, even in the winter in the northern region, the tank can still maintain a temperature of about 65 ° C to ensure the rapid progress of aerobic fermentation process.
  • 04. the processing capacity of a single equipment is small, the fermentation cycle is short, the daily processing capacity of a single fermenter is small, even if it is a fermenter with a total volume of 120 cubic meters, the daily feeding capacity is only about 13 cubic meters, and the number of fermenters can be added according to demand to increase the processing capacity. Although the processing capacity is small after the fermenter is officially put into operation, the continuous production mode of daily feeding and daily feeding can be realized, and the fermentation cycle is only 7-10 days.
  • 05. the degree of automation is high, the operation is simple and easy to learn, the control cabinet of the organic fertilizer fermenter adopts PLC microcomputer automatic control, and the tank is equipped with various sensors such as aerobic content, temperature, humidity, etc., which can detect the parameters in the tank in real-time. The system will automatically stir, ventilate, heat up, and other operations according to these parameters, and the whole fermentation process hardly needs manual intervention. Only the feeding and discharging operations need manual operation, so the operation of the fermenter is very simple and only one person can manage multiple fermenters.

Technical parameters

Model Power(kw)Stirring speed(r/min)Dimensions(mm)Reducer model 

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Horizontal Fermenter Use The horizontal fermenter is suitable for the treatment of different feces, carcasses, kitchen waste, domestic sewage, and silt. As long as the…

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