Crawler Dump Truck


The crawler dump truck is used in the fermentation production process of stacking and stacking on the ground. It is a special machine forming, crushing, oxygen supply, and stacking materials.

Applications and Features

  • The machine can set the running speed of the wheels and turning shaft according to the nature of the material to obtain the appropriate output and quality.
  • The power is a vertical water-cooled diesel engine with sufficient power, high efficiency, and low fuel consumption.
  • It is with pile turning car direction pull rod in place turning technology, flexible steering, small area, and convenient site operation.
  • It adopts an electrical button switch and joystick operation, which is flexible and convenient.
  • According to the customer's requirements, the distance from the turning shaft to the ground can be adjusted hydraulically to prevent the turning shaft from touching the ground.

Technical parameters

ModelFD 2300FD 2600FD 2800FD 3000
flip width(mm)2300260028003000
Flip width (mm)800-10001000-12001000-13001000-1300
Stacking row spacing (m)1.0-1.21.0-1.21.0-1.21.0-1.2
Maximum diameter of material particles (mm)250250250250
POWERR4102 TurbochargedR4108 TurbochargedR4110 TurbochargedR6105 Turbocharged
75HP Diesel Engine116HP Diesel Engine123HP Diesel Engine136HP Diesel Engine
Rated power speed2200220022002200
Working speed6-186-186-186-18
Driving speed50505050
Processing power400-600600-800800-10001000-1200
Complete-built unit size3.5X2.65X2.83.9X2.65X3.24.1X2.65X3.24.3X2.65X3.2

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