Double Cage Crusher

【Motor Power】5.5-30kw
【Applications】 Materials crushing, grinding, mixing, and other operations, such as chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, food additives, feed, fertilizer, and so on.


It is an efficient material crushing equipment; It is composed of two cylindrical cages perpendicular to each other, and each cage is equipped with blades and crushing wheels, through high-speed rotation and impact to achieve the crushing of materials.

Working Principle

The principle of the double cage crusher is that the material first enters a cage of the crusher, is impacted and cut by the blade and the grinding wheel, and then enters another cage, is impacted and cut again. Such repeated impact and shear make the material gradually crushed, refined and evenly mixed. In addition, the double-cage crusher can pretend to be a dust removal system, purify the generated dust, and meet the emission standards, so it has become one of the important equipment in the powder processing industry.

Technical parameters

SpecificationsPower (kw)Capacity (t/h)Outline dimension (length*width*height)

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