Grain Dryer


The grain dryer mainly burns coal, natural gas, oil, and other energy sources to generate heat energy to heat and dry the grain. The main structure includes a heating system, drying system, vibration system, conveying system, and so on.

Working Principle and Characteristics

  • Save time: compared with natural drying, a food dryer can greatly shorten the drying time and improve production efficiency.
  • Improve food quality: food dryers can control the drying temperature and humidity, avoid food mildew weight loss, and other quality problems, and improve food quality.
  • Easy to operate: food dryer set feeding, drying, and discharging in one, simple operation, reducing the labor intensity of workers.
  • Environmental protection and energy saving: the food dryer uses clean heat energy to avoid food pollution while saving fuel consumption and reducing costs.
  • Safe and reliable: food dryer automatic power-off protection device overheating alarm device and other safety protection measures to ensure personal safety and safe and reliable operation of equipment.

Technical parameters

Dryer formLow-temperature batch mixed flow cycle
Overall dimension(m)3100*1700*27004200*1900*38004300*2100*38004500*2100*43005600*2100*620011000*2100*4300
Hot air temperature(°C)Corn100-130

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