Powder-Granular Fertilizer Packaging Machine

This fertilizer packaging machine is suitable for the packaging of organic and inorganic compound fertilizer granular materials, powder materials, and mixed materials.

Functional Characteristics

  • 1, Integrates feeding, weighing, camping, conveying, and sewing into one, suitable or woven bags, sacks, paper bags, cloth bags, plastic bags, etc.
  • 2. Material: The material contact parts are all made of stainless steel, with high corrosion resistance. Pneumatic actuators are adapted, which are stable in work and easy to maintain.
  • 3. Using high-speed sampling and process instruments and dgta requency conversion technology, automatic setting of control parameters, automatic correction of drop adapt to the characteristics of different packaging materials, continuous operation, fast packaging speed, high precision, simple and flexible operation.

Tons Bag Packaging Machine Features

A tons bag packaging machine is also known as a big bag packaging machine, ton bag packing machine, it is a new generation of intelligent packaging machine developed by our company, the machine is mainly composed of four main parts; automatic weighing device, conveying device, sewing device, computer control. lt is a kind of bulk material packaging equipment with a unique structure and large packaging capacity, and a multi-purpose packaging machine integrating weight star display automatic baa removal, dust removal, and fault alarm, It has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy, large packaging capacity, high degree of automation, large production capacity, a wide range of application and simple operation The equipment is designed for fertilizer, cement, non-metallic mineral powder, chemical raw materials, and other powder and granular materials, it is widely used in fertilizer, building materials, chemical industry, grain, feed, mineral, and other industries.

Double Scale Packing Machine Features

  • 1, Double independent weighing bucket weighing: not easily affected by the outside world, separated from the bag, fast working speed.
  • 2, The feeder will adjust itself according to the proportion of the material in the work to achieve higher accuracy and faster speed.
  • 3, Independent single-weight sensor: more stable work, higher sensitivity. Break the current domestic traditional instrument control system.
  • 4, Can set the time to automatically remember the current number of packaging shifts, easy transfer, and timely feedback on the current product pass rate.
  • 5, Chinese operation interface, with the action time can be set, the operation is more intuitive and convenient.
  • 6, With calibration procedures: equipped with weights and calibration hooks, can be easily calibrated at any time, especially useful for long-term weight drift.
  • 7, The weighing bucket is sealed by a glass cover and equipped with a dust extraction device, which is convenient for dust collection and can greatly reduce the pollution to the workshop.
  • 8, The weighing bucket adopts hook type, which can be disassembled directly to facilitate the removal of residual materials and cleaning.

Technical parameters

ModelDevice nameTechnical parametersDCS-25F
1Computer quantitative scale (scale body)Weighing range10-25
Weighing speed (pack/hour)200-3000

Allowable error

Equipped with power

Equipped with air source

Weight (Kg)
Weighing control instrument
Bag clamping mechanism

Weight (Kg)

Conveying distance

Equipped with power

Weight (Kg)
Sewing machine

Equipped with power
Weight (Kg)
Weight (Kg)


Weight (Kg)

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