Screw Conveyor


The screw conveyor mainly includes spiral blades, machine grooves, hangers, feeding and discharging ports, transmission devices, and other parts. It is used to transport powdery or small pieces of materials.

Applications and Features

Our screw conveyor is widely used in the fertilizer industry, grain transportation, building materials industry, chemical industry, etc. It can transport materials horizontally and obliquely, it is with a simple structure, small cross-sectional area, good sealing, convenient operation, easy maintenance, easily closed transport station, etc.

Technical parameters

Spiral diameter (mm)160160193193240305
Conveying length (m)2.54.569912
Speed (r/min)100100260260216176
Shell diameter (mm)Φ165Φ165Φ219Φ219Φ273Φ325
Working Angle(°)≤20≤20≤45≤45≤45≤45
Conveying capacity(t/h)252535355075
Capacity (t/h)Y100L2-4Y112M-4Y132M-4Y160L-4Y160M-4Y180L-4

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