Organic fertilizer production line

【Introduction】Organic fertilizer production lines are usually used to process different fermented organic matter into bio-organic fertilizer. Using a one-step molding process, livestock and poultry manure and agricultural waste.
【Equipment】Compound fertilizer double-roller production line, disc granulation production line, rotary drum granular production line, BB fertilizer production line, etc.

Organic fertilizer production lines are usually used to process different fermented organic matter into bio-organic fertilizer. Using a one-step molding process, livestock and poultry manure and agricultural waste are used as the main raw materials for recycling, which not only creates economic benefits for the enterprise, but also makes a huge contribution to human environmental protection.

Product description:
With the rapid development of the livestock and poultry breeding industry, a large amount of feces and sewage are produced. The harmful elements in these feces seriously exceed the standard and are difficult to be treated by the traditional method of returning to the field. In response to this situation, our company has developed a high-efficiency solid-liquid decomposition method. It is an organic fertilizer production line with sterilization and deodorization technology as the core, integrating high-efficiency feces fermentation, raw material mixing, granule processing, drying, packaging and other fertilizer production equipment and processes.

Performance features:
With its high efficiency, environmental protection, flexibility and reliability, the organic fertilizer production line is a kind of equipment specially used for the production of organic fertilizers. The production line is highly efficient and can greatly improve the production efficiency of organic fertilizers. Through automated production processes, the tedious manual operations are reduced, thereby improving production efficiency. The organic fertilizer production line is environmentally friendly and can reduce the impact on the environment. In the production process, environmentally friendly materials and processes are used, making the organic fertilizer produced more environmentally friendly and safer. And it is also flexible and can be adjusted and optimized according to different production needs. Whether it is production scale, raw material type or fertilizer formula, the production line can be adjusted to meet different needs.

Organic fertilizer production line equipment classification:

  1. Crushing equipment
    New semi-wet material crushers - vertical crushers and horizontal crushers, with internal structures of chain type and hammer type. There is no screen, even if the material is crushed after being taken out of the water, it will not be clogged.
  2. Mixing equipment
    Mixing mixers include vertical mixers, horizontal mixers, twin-shaft mixers, drum mixers, etc. The internal stirring structure is divided into knife type, spiral type, etc. Design an appropriate mixing structure according to the characteristics of the material. The discharge port is designed with cylinder control and baffle control.
    3.Conveying equipment
    Belt conveyor - mobile belt conveyor, fixed belt conveyor, etc. Belt conveyor is an indispensable economical logistics transportation equipment that forms a rhythmic assembly line. It has strong transportation capacity, long transportation distance, simple and easy structure Maintenance, many features of programmed control and automated operation can be easily implemented.
  3. Granulation equipment
    Special granulators for organic fertilizers - including disc granulators, new organic fertilizer granulators, rounding machines, drum granulators, coating machines, etc. Choose the appropriate granulator according to the characteristics of the raw materials.
  4. Drying and cooling equipment
    Rotary dryer - drum dryer, bio-organic fertilizer dryer, because the temperature cannot exceed 80° when drying organic fertilizer, so our dryer uses hot air drying mode Cooler - and drying The appearance of the machines is similar, but the materials and performance are different. The main machine of the dryer is made of boiler steel, and the main machine of the cooler is customized with carbon steel plate.
  5. Screening equipment
    Screening machines - including drum type and vibrating type. Screening machines are divided into three levels, two levels, etc.
  6. Coating equipment
    Particle coating machine--the main machine has a similar appearance to a dryer and a cooler, but the internal structure is very different. The interior of the coating machine is lined with stainless steel plates or polypropylene. The complete machine includes supporting powder machine and oil pump.
  7. Automatic packaging equipment
    Automatic metering and packaging machines - including spiral type and DC type, single head and double head, made of stainless steel and carbon steel, customized according to customer's actual needs.

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