The dryer is one of the main equipment for harmless recycling and income generation and is one of the technical links of organic fertilizer processing equipment. The drum rotary dryer, like other industrial dryers, is a cylinder, short only a few meters, often twenty or thirty meters. Precautions during device commissioning and installation affect performance and noise control.

There are seven important things to note when installing and adjusting the dryer:

Mark the baseline: correctly make cross lines and elevation lines on the base target board, and embed the center target board for easy and accurate use, and consider that the machine base will not be covered after installation.

Install the base and tug: Level the horn position, draw the center line of the base and tug, find the installation position of the base and tug according to the drawing requirements, level and straighten, grout the foundation hole first, and tighten it after the concrete reaches a certain strength. Anchor bolts, and install the dryer barrel after passing the inspection.

Install the cylinder block and rolling ring: First, install the rolling ring on the cylinder block. The concave joints required for fixation should be staggered forward and backward, and the thickness of the pad iron should be adjusted to maintain contact between the rolling rings. The rolling ring corresponds to the concave joint. The gaps should not be the same, and the heads of the concave connecting bolts should be spot-welded to the barrel.

Install the large gear: Before installation, check that there are no collision marks at the butt surface interface, clean the contact surface between the large gear and the cylinder, then carefully align the two halves of the gear and tighten the interface bolts, and then install the large gear on the cylinder. . Rotate the cylinder to check the radial run out and lateral swing of the large gear until the adjustment is qualified.

Install the pinion gear, reducer, and motor: According to the installed large gear, adjust the meshing parameters of the large gear and pinion gear to meet the requirements of the equipment, and fix the positions of the reducer pinion gear and motor.

Install the gear cover: space it evenly from the edge of the gear.